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This recent collection of short videos brings together different perspectives and explores real issues of what is important to young Asian Canadians today.

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This showcase highlights talented and emerging artists from video to music. Please visit the artist website for more information.

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Chuckie Akenz
Toronto, Ontario

Director's Biography

A rapper-songwriter, community leader, and a motivational speaker, Chuckie 'Akenz' Nguyen hails from whats dubbed 'Canada's worst community', the Jane and Finch area. Starting back in his early days as a battle rapper, he ranked in the Top 16 battle mc's of Toronto, a competition hosted by Kiss 92. Eventually leaving that scene he began recording songs and posting them online which lead to him developing a huge online fan base. His journey soon began to start, in a period of a year and a half he released 4 consecutive albums on the streets of Toronto releasing over 10,000 Cds. His music told stories of his struggles and pains growing up as a Vietnamese-Canadian in poverty. Literally touching the hearts of listeners worldwide, he soon became an image in the public eye, being featured on almost every newspaper and news program in Toronto. Chuckie was a natural born community leader, taking time out to visit schools and speaking to students. His dedication to pursuing his dreams and passion for music has definitely shown through his achievements as an Asian-Canadian artist.

Selected Filmography

2005 When I'm Gone Director
2005 Toy Soldiers Song Writer
2005 I'm Sorry Director
2003 You Want Beef? Director
2002 Don't Worry Director
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