Since 1984, CCNC has been seeking redress on behalf of the surviving Head Tax payers and their families who have suffered from decades of discrimination as a result of these racist laws passed by the Federal Government. Thanks to thousands of individuals and organizations, the public support for Redress has been gaining in strength over the years.

Despite our persistance and the merits of our claim, however, as of this date the Canadian Government has yet to apologize to the Chinese Canadian community for the over 63 years of legislated racism towards Chinese Canadians. The failure of the Canadian Government to acknowledge the impact of years of exclusionary policies signals to Chinese Canadians that we are not truly welcome in this country.

As the last surviving head tax payers enter the final stage of their lives, the issue of Redress has become all the more pressing.

The next several months will be critical as changes are expected to take place among the political leadership. To take full advantage of the political change, and to broaden the public support for Redress, CCNC has therefore formed a broad based support coalition called Canadians for Redress.

This Coalition is made up of prominent Canadians and key national organizations who have agreed to lend their support to our quest for justice. Included in this Coalition are Jack Layton, leader of the Federal NDP Party, June Callwood, prominent writer and journalist, as well as Dr. Joseph Wong, founding President of CCNC.

It is our hope that with the support of these individuals and organizations, redress will soon become a reality, and not a dream.

The Coalition

The following individuals and organizations have agreed to lend their support to Redress for Chinese Head Tax & Exclusion Act by joining Canadians For Redress Campaign:

Margaret Atwood
Pierre Berton
June Callwood, C.C., O.Ont.
Patrick Case
Matthew Coon Come
Libby Davies
Shirley Douglas
Susan Eng
Howard Hampton
Mac Harb
Karen Kain
Naomi Klein
Cynthia Lam, C.M.
Michelle Lansberg
Hanson Lau
Jack Layton
Stephen Lewis
Art Miki
David Miller
Judy Rebick
Svend Robinson
Margaret Mitchell
Dr. Joseph Wong, C.M.

British Columbia Federation of Labour
Buddhist Council of Canada
Canadian Couincil for Mutlicultural and Intercultural Education
Canadian Council for Refugees
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR)
Council of Canadians
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
National Association of Japanese Canadians


How you can become a Canadian for Redress...