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Thank you for visiting our site. This site was made possible through the contribution of many people. I'd like to thank Keith Wong, Dora Nipp, David Yee, Cindy Wan, Jonas Ma and the rest of the CCNC Web-site committee for their input and suggestions. I'd especially like to thank Binh Lu for the time and effort he contributed into this site. The site would not have been as good without his contribution. A special mention to the folks at "Canada's Year of Asia Pacific" for their monetary contribution. And last but not least, thank you CCNC Toronto and National for a great vision in taking the initiative to put funding aside for this project.

Historical information Credits

The historical information on this site was taken and incorporated from the following sources:

"Our Chosen Land" Published in 1984 by:
CCNC National and CCNC Edmonton Chapter

"From China to Canada" Con, H., Con, R.,
Johnson, G., Wickberg, E., Willmott, W.,
McClelland and Stewart Ltd., 1982

"Gold Mountain" Anthony B. Chan
University of B.C Press, 1982

"Coming to Gum Shan" Shehla Burney
Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1995

"Struggle and Hope" Paul Yee
Umbrella Press, 1996

"The Chinese in Toronto" Dora Nipp,
Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1985

Photos Credits and Captions

This is a listing of all the Photos in this site as they appear in our historical Photo Gallery. Each photo is listed in the same order as they appear in each section, according to year.


1st Picture.  Provincial Archive of British Columbia. The launching of the Northwest America, Nootka Sound, 1788
2nd Picture.
3rd Picture.  Provincial Archiver of British Columbia.  The last Chinese Canadian miner on Wild Horse Creek, B.C 1918
4th Picture.  Vancouver Public Library.  Immigrants aboard a CPR ship, Date unknown
5th Picture.  February 12, 1977, the media still use the phrase"A Chinaman’s Chance"
6th Picture.  Vancouver City Archive.  Cariboo Wagon Road, B.C, 1860’s


1st Picture.  Andrew Onderdonk, CPR Contractor.  Provincial Archives of B.C. #70832/D-6673
2nd Picture.  55 feet deep, Date unknown.  Vancouver City Archive
3rd Picture.  British Columbia.C. 1940.  Canadian National
4th Picture.  Hell’s Gate Canyon, B.C, Date unknown
5th Picture.  CPR wooden bridge over Thompson River, B.C, 1899.  Vancouver Public Library
6th Picture.  CPR worker walking to camp, Petawawa, Ont., 1917
7th Picture. Chinese Canadian railroad workers camp near summit, B.C.1889.  Glenbow-Alberta Institute
8th Picture.  Chinese Canadian railroad workers Camp, Kamloops, B.C.  1886.  Public Archives Canada
9th Picture.  Chinese cemetery, Calgary, early 1920’s.  Norman Chung collection
10th Picture.  Meeting at the Benevolent Association regarding the city’s urban renewal plans to bulldoze Chinese homes in Strathcona, September 1960.  Vancouver Public Library 41632


1st Picture. $500 Chinese Head Tax certificate
2nd Picture.  Ah Hoo, an old miner in Germansen Creek, B.C., 1871.  Provincial Archive of British Columbia
3rd Picture.  Poster Advertising Canada to the British, 1934.  Metro Toronto Reference Library, Arts picture collection
4th Picture.  Illustration depicting the difference immigration status between the Chinese and the white.  N.H Hawkins, Saturday Sunset, 1907, Vancouver Public Library: S9046
5th Picture.  Scene of Vancouver Chinatown after 1907 riot.  Vancouver public Archive, #939
6th Picture.  Aftermath of the anti-Oriental riot in Vancouver, 1907. Provincial Archives of British Columbia
7th Picture.  "Pig Pen"  City of Victoria Archive #98010-01-1735


1st Picture. Book cover of The Story of China in Canada.  Methodist Church, Canada
2nd Picture. Certificate of registration,  Vancouver Public Library,#30626
3rd Picture. Members of the Asian Home & School, Victoria, B.C., 1913 Provincial Archives of British Columbia
4th Picture. The Inauguration of the Lee's association building in Toronto, Ont., 1955 Multicultural History Society of Ontario
5th picture. The first all Chinese Canadian Hockey team in Toronto, Ont., 1949 Multicultural History Society of Ontario
6th Picture. The United Christian Society (Methodist) picnic at Stanley Park, Dominion Day, 1912. Chinese United Church


1st Picture.  Chinese Labour Corps lined up before boarding Cross-Canada train.  Vancouver B.C. 1915 (World War I).  Vancouver City Archives #CVP Mil. 194
2nd Picture.  Wee Tan Louie, Chinese Canadian World War I veteran.  David Chong LLB, Vancouver (Private Collection)
3rd Picture.  The Ko-Bong sister and brothers joined the Canadian army in WW II, Vancouver, B.C, 1941.  Yucho Chow Studio
4th Picture.    Community member involved in fundraising activities in Toronto, Ont., Date unknown.  Multicultural Historical Society of Ontario
5th Picture.  Chinese Women Association marching in the victory parade., Multicultural history Society of Ontario.
6th Picture.  Women Knitting winter cloth for soldier. Multicultural History Society of Ontario
7th Picture.  Victory in Chinatown celebrating the end of the Second World War in Vancouver, August, 1945.  Vancouver Public Library


1st Picture.  An Act to repeal the Chinese Immigration Act (partial).  Federal Government of Canada
2nd Picture.  Man getting his Citizenship.  Vancouver Public Library, 40636
3rd Picture.   Group shot of prominent members of the Chinese Canadian community with Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.  Multicultural History Society of Ontario, MSR # G-4-1, Courtesy of Jean Lumb.
4th Picture.  Immigrants arriving in Canada. Public Archives of Canada C45080
5th Picture.  Won Alexander Cumyow casting a ballot, 1947.  When the government finally allowed the Chinese to vote in 1947.  University  of British Columbia Special Collection, Cumyow Family Papers
6th Harvey K. Lowe, the first Chinese-Canadian radio announcer.  Public Archives of Canada 112783
7th Picture.  Normie Kwong, "The Chinese Clipper" Glenbow Archives, PA2807-2189 (a).
8th Picture. Douglas Jung, the first Chinese Canadian to elected to parliament.  Vancouver Public Library 41609
9th Picture.  Boy playing a string instrument in Toronto, Ont., Late 1970’s.  Lee, Wai-Man
10th Picture.  Fisgard Street, Victoria, British Columbia, early 1890s.  British Columbia Archives # 68226
11th Picture.  Celebrating the opening of the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center.  John K, Wong


1st Picture. Young Chinese Canadian Protesting against CTV-W5, CCNC Edmonton Chapter.
2nd Picture. More Protest against CTV-W5, CCNC National
3rd Picture. National meeting of the anti-W5 campaign, Toronto, Ont., 1980. CCNC National
4th Picture. The forming of Chinese Canadian National council. CCNC National
5th Picture. Community forum on the Carole Bell incident. CCNC National
6th Picture. People signing Petition to demand Carole Bell to apologize. CCNC National

Breaking Barriers

1st Picture. University of British Columbia Special collection, Cumyow Family Papers
2nd Picture. Dr. Victoria Cheung, 1923 Multicultural History Society of Ontario, Margaret Ko Collection
3rd Picture. Douglas Jung, the first Chinese Canadian to elected to parliament.  Vancouver Public Library 41609
4th Picture. Normie Kwong, "The Chinese Clipper" Glenbow Archives, PA2807-2189 (a).
5th Picture. Harvey K. Lowe, the first Chinese-Canadian radio announcer.  Public Archives of Canada 112783
6th Picture. All Chinese Canadian Hockey team, Ont., c. 1949. Multicultural history Society of Ontario
7th Picture. Lim D. Lee, 1951. Public Archive of Canada 112784
8th Picture. First interracial marriage couple in Vancouver. Henry Yip
9th Picture. Agnes Chan (1923) Multicultural History Society of Ontario, Margaret Ko Collection
10th Picture. Jean Lumb

From All Walks of Life

1st Picture. Adrienne Clarkson, Photo Credit: Beverly Rockett
2nd Picture. Avvy Go, CCNC Toronto
3rd Picture. Albert Chang, Tennis Canada, Credit: Ron Turenne
4th Picture. Olivia Chow, CCNC Toronto
5th Picture. Jim Wong Chu, CCNC Toronto
6th Picture. Dr. Joseph Wong, CCNC Toronto
7th Picture. The Honourable David Lam
8th Picture. Susan Eng
9th Picture. Cynthia Lam, CCNC Toronto
10th Picture. Evelyn Lau, Coach House Publishers
11th Picture. Jean Lumb
12th Picture. Mina Shum, First Generation Films
13th Picture. Sky Lee, Press Gang Publishers
14th Picture. Sook-Yin Lee, MuchMusic
15th Picture. Dr. Tak Mak
16th Picture. Paul Yee, Struggle and Hope book


This page was compiled by Emily Chan (Adapted from the history training sessions presented by Dora Nipp; Coming to Gum San, by Shehla Burney; Struggle & Hope, The Story of Chinese Canadians, by Paul Yee.) and many others

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