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The Historical Information section contains over 10 pages of facts and accounts of Chinese Canadian lives since 1858. A navigation bar appears and remains at the top of the screen to help you quickly access the information you need, and can just as quickly bring you back you where you left off. This page contains just a sketch of Chinese Canadian history.  If you would like more detailed and indepth information, please checkout one of the books mentioned in the further reading page.  And for those that have no time to read 10 pages of our history, CCNC has prepared a three page condensed-express summary highlighting some facts from the different time periods.


The Photo Gallery contains historical pictures of Chinese in Canada.  The gallery is arranged chronologically, highlighting the following periods:

Within each period a significant event or story is told. Go through the gallery in chronological order if you'd like to get a better feeling of how the events in history fell into place. But be warned! There are over 60 images to view! Sign posts keep you informed of which section you are currently in and clicking on the arrows can move you to the next section. Each time period comes with an introduction to give you a better sense of the events during that time.


This section is meant to be a simple text reference source which highlights significant events in Chinese Canadian History between 1858 and 1997. Here are two examples taken from the beginning and ending of the Time Line page.

John Meare arrives in Nootka Sound on Canada's Pacific coast, with two ships and 50 Chinese carpenters and craftsmen. They built a two-storied fort and a schooner, but are later captured by the Spanish and taken to Mexico.

In Toronto, one "all Chinese language" radio station becomes established, with numerous television, and print media outlets.


This page is for those out there who want more detailed information on Chinese Canadian History. This is sort of like a small libary, that contains numerous titles of non-fiction and fiction books written about Chinese Canadian history. It is sorted in alphabetical order by author. Some of the books listed on this page were used to gather information for this site.  You will find this page to be useful in your research.


The Credits page is where we've put our aknowledgments and thanks yous The page includes Photo and caption credits corresponding to the Photo Gallery, and also serve as a bibliography page for all the historical information on this site.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your ride!

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