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Online Casino Games

The best online casinos have tons of casino games ranging from table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat to Online Slots and Live Dealer Casino games.

Online Slots

Online slots are the foundation of the online casino. Software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech supply casinos with awesome slot games like Mega Moolah, Gladiator, Guns and Roses and Starburst. There are plenty of Chinese themed online slots available as well, like the Legend of Shangri-la: Cluster Pays, Huangdi The Yellow Emperor Slot and Shanghai Beauty.

Casino Games

Slots may be the motor of the casino but table games turn it in to a performance machine. There is nothing like playing classic table games that tests your strategy and gives great thrills. Baccarat is teh most popular table game at land casinos for Chinese Nationals. Macau is well known for high rolling Chinese players coming to bet on the tables there. Classic Chinese table games available at the casinos include Pai Gow poker, Mahjong, Sic Bo, Fan Tan and Keno.

Live Dealer Casino

Live dealer takes everything you love about table games and the convenience of online gaming and adds the one thing missing from the online experience, live dealer interaction. Of course there is Live Baccarat but there are also Chinese themed Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger from Evolution Gaming, the emperors of Live Casino gaming.

Best Chinese Themed Slot Games

Criteria For the Best Online Casinos

Canadian Dollars

Never settle for foreign currencies. Make sure the online casino takes Canadian dollars to avoid currency conversion fees.

Trusted Licensing

Top notch licensing is mandatory for ensuring you have a safe and trustworthy online casino expereinece.

Canadian Support

Canadian specific support that includes a Canadian phone number and, even better, a toll free number in both French and English goes a long ways.

Great Welcome Bonus

A great online casino will always get things started on the right foot by offering a tantalizing Welcome Bonus catered specifically to Canadians

History of Chinese Gambling

Evidence of Gambling in 2300 BC China

From the ancient Chinese Classic of Poetry, which is a collection of poems or songs that date from the 11th to 7th centuries BC, it was written that there was a game with the random drawing of wood. The book, also translated to mean Shijing or Book of Songs, is interpreted to relate to a game of tiles used for gambling. These tiles have been found dated back to around 2300 BC and are considered to be some of the first examples of gambling in ancient cultures. The two words that mean gambling in Chinese translate to "risky fashion". 


Section VI

A few fine lines, at random drawn,
Like the shell-pattern wrought in lawn
To hasty glance will seem.
My trivial faults base slander's slime
Distorted into foulest crime,
And men me worthless deem.

A few small points, pricked down on wood,
May be made out a picture good
Of the bright southern Sieve
Who planned, and helped those slanderers vile,
My name with base lies to defile ?
Unpitied, here I grieve.

Shang Dynasty (1766 to 1122 BC) to Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) Gambling

The game of Luibo, a table board game with 6 sticks and 12 game pieces (6 black and 6 white), is speculated to be created by the Wu Cao at the end of the Xie Dynasty. That origin is disputed but it has been documented that the upper classes of the Shang Dynasty played the game with relative certainty of at least prior to 700 BC.

Luibo became very popular in the Han Dynasty. In a dictionary compiled during the time by Xu Shen around 100 AD, gambling was defined as follows: "Gambling is a table game: It is a game with 6 sticks and 12 chesses." This confirms that the game was used for gambling and can be traced back definitively to the middle of the Shang Dynasty.

The game of Chupu is a similar board game played during this era. There was believed to be much less strategy involved and the game was quite popular with peasants as a result. The outcome of the games was primarily driven by the throwing of the sticks and the game also involved spectators being able to bet on the game.

Keno also saw its origins during this time period circa 200 BC. The game was called baige piao, meaning white pigeon ticket. The keno cards were made up of the first 80 characters in Qianziwen, also called the Book of a Thousand Characters.

This was the time of Confucius (551–479 BC) and, although some philosophers of the time were against gambling, he seemed ambiguous: "People who gamble are better than those that have nothing to do"

  • Quote from: The Psychology of Chinese Gambling: A Cultural and Historical Perspective
    By Chi Chuen Chan, William Wai Lim Li, Amy Sau Lam Chiu

Gambling in Canada

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Gambling in Canada has been in full control of the provinces since 1985 when they were given exclusive rights to all things gambling. This means that any gambling is fully within the jurisdiction of the provinces and any illegal gambling, under the Criminal Code of Canada, can only be prosecuted if it happens within those jurisdictions. 

What does that mean? Well, if you gamble in Canada outside of Provincially legislated facilities or want to set up an online casino in Canada, it would be illegal.

What is legal then? Gambling at international online casinos is legal because they lie outside of the jurisdiction of the Criminal Code of Canada. Native reserves also lie outside of this jurisdiction which is why there are casinos there, and in the case of Kahnawake, international online gambling licensing.

So is online gambling legal in Canada? That is not the question to be asking. Online gambling cannot be prosecuted as long as it does not take place physically in Canada. Since the online casinos have no presence in Canada, they are not subject to the Code.

Doesn't that mean if I am gambling in Canada I can be prosecuted? No, in this case you are actually not gambling in Canada. You are gambling abroad.

Responsible Gambling Council and Canada Safety Council

Being a responsible gambler is very important for the online gambling. The ease and convenience of playing online also comes with added risk. Do not find yourself being scared to seek help simply because you are a visible minority or if you have demanding parents, lack self-confidence and inter-personal skills. Being labeled a problem gambler is nothing to be ashamed of and we are quick to condemn anyone that believes that as putting forward divisive and overly simplistic generalizations. It is paramount that Canadian Chinese Nationals, and everyone else for that matter, be aware that there are many resources available online to help you both identify and deal with problem gambling. The Responsible Gambling Council is a website dedicated helping people and their families address problem gambling and have a variety of resources to help. The Council helps Canadian Chinese National gamblers deal with gambling addiction or money related issues.

The Canada Safety Council also has some great resources on responsible gambling and details all the gambling helplines available across Canada by province and Territory. 

If you fee you have a problem, please visit either the Responsible Gambling Council or the Canada Safety Council or call helpline directly.

Canadian Dollar Online Casinos

Nobody wants to deal with conversion fees, especially when online gambling. The house edge is large enough as it is without having to give precious potential winnings to a middleman. Thankfully Canadian online casinos all take Canadian dollars. Yes, all Canadian dollars, those loonies and twooneys to go along with our crazy $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 plastic bills. Ok, so it is virtual money, but you get the point. And that way we also don't have to deal with the controversy that the Bank of Canada was caving in to the racist feedback by removing teh South Asian woman from the $100 bill after getting negative feedback from focus groups. 

The point is, other than that former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney is an idiot, you do not have to worry about the best online casino in Canada not taking Canadian dollars.

Chinese Canadian Community Information

According the 2006 Census data on Chinese Canadian Community there are 1,216,570 Chinese in Canada or 3.9% of the Canadian population, an 18.2% increase over 5 years (2001-2006). This increased to 1,487,585 by the 2011 census. As expected most of those Chinese Canadians reside in larger cities.

The provinces with the largest numbers are: Ontario (596,980), BC (407,225), Alberta (120,275), and Quebec (79,830).

The metropolis’s with the largest numbers of Chinese are: greater regions of Toronto (486,330), Vancouver (381, 535), Montreal (72,105), Calgary (66,375), Edmonton (47,200), and Ottawa (32,445).

Here are some of the larger populations of Chinese Canadians according to the census data in 2006.

Geographic name Total - Population by visible minority groups Total visible minority population1 South Asian2 Chinese
Canada 100.00% 16.20% 4.00% 3.90%
Richmond, CY (B.C.) 100.00% 65.10% 8.00% 43.60%
Markham, T (Ont.) 100.00% 65.40% 17.30% 34.20%
Greater Vancouver A, RDA (B.C.) 100.00% 55.20% 2.70% 30.80%
Burnaby, CY (B.C.) 100.00% 55.40% 8.40% 30.30%
Vancouver, CY (B.C.) 100.00% 51.00% 5.70% 29.40%
Richmond Hill, T (Ont.) 100.00% 45.70% 7.00% 21.40%

Luckily for Chinese Canadians in these areas there are plenty of gambling and casino options close. In the lower mainland BC  and Greater Vancouver area there is the Hard Rock Vancouver, Parq Vancouver, River Rock Casino, Grand Villa Casino, and Elements Casino Surrey.

In Southern Ontario there is Casino Woodbine, Casino Rama, Casino Niagara, Fallsview Casino and Caesars Windsor, to name a few. All except Casino Woodbine are outside of the Greater Toronto area.